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REKUIEM Interview


Answers for interview 6th April 2020 amid Covid-19 outbreak - Steve

1) How are things in these difficult times?

Times are tough for muzo's right now. No gigs, no rehearsals, no getting together to chat even. But we have to stay strong, and remember staying indoors is saving lives by stopping the virus transmission. We can use this time in the home productively if we choose. 

2) You formed in the 80s. Could you tell me how this became?

We formed in 1978 and released our first record in 1980. I already knew Gordon as a bass player from previous bands I met Karl at an audition for a different band. I liked his drum style which fitted well with my guitar and we sort of hit it off so well that we swapped numbers and arranged to jam with Gordon. Mike came along later when we auditioned for our singer in a local newspaper. 

3) You supported bands like Budgie, what bands would you like to your with ?

Supporting Budgie was great. We had grown up listening to their albums, they were amongst our rock heroes who we looked up to, and they gave us some good advice for the future. It was great sharing the stage with these guys and playing to a larger audience. Other bands I would have liked to support would have been Iron Maiden who are the biggest band by far to have come out of NWOBHM. Likewise it would have been cool to tour with Saxon who represent everything great about British metal. 

4) What bands did you grow up listening too?

Bands I grew up listening to were mainly from the 70's rock scene. Bands like Black Sabbath and Deep Purple were top of my list. Later on when I discovered bands like UFO and Judas Priest the whole jigsaw became complete. 

5) Time will Tell is a great album, how long did it take to write and record ?

Time Will Tell as the name suggests took quite a long time to come together. We re-formed around 2000 and had written and recorded around 5 songs by the time of the promo cd 'Black Death' in 2002. After this we carried on working towards the full album which was fully written and recorded by around 2005. Mixing and mastering took place shortly after this. We feel the time and effort however was all worth it. I would rather produce one album of quality than six albums of mediocrity. 

6) Do you have any plans of a new release like a studio album or a Live Album ?

Yes, we hope to release a brand new album at the end of this year 2020. Obviously it is not easy with the current Covid-19 virus situation, but the songs are already written and demo'd so now it's just a case of getting them recorded and matching the quality of the previous album. 

7) What advice would you give any up and coming band ?

My advice to any upcoming band who are writing their own songs would be to try to be as original as you can. I realise there is a place for covers and tribute bands and I realise muzo's can earn a living doing this, but for an original band I would say be yourself and don't try to copy what's come before.